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Welcome to Locerne Optical for breakthrough innovations in eye care solutions in Wixom and the surrounding communities. Our convenient and efficient online eye exam service is designed to provide you with comprehensive vision care while you are seated at home.

Online Eye Exam

Convenience Meets Quality with Online Eye Exams

At Locerne Optical, we are the optometrists near you. We understand the convenience of accessing vision care without too much hassle. It is for this reason that we offer online eye exams, allowing you to prioritize eye health without compromising convenience. We have a telehealth platform where you can access eye exams online. You will be able to undergo a thorough eye exam from anywhere, whether from your home or on the go!

How Online Eye Exams Work

This is how the online eye exam works at Locerne Optical:

1. Schedule your appointment: Simply book your online eye exam through our website or give us a call.

2. Get access to your eye exam: Before the day of the exam, you will receive instructions on how to use the secure telehealth platform. We have experienced opticians who will guide you through the examination process.

3. Comprehensive evaluation: Our optometrists will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your vision health, including vision acuity, eye pressure, and general eye health. These assessments will help recommend eye care treatments.

4. Personalized recommendations: Based on the results of your online eye exam, our optometrists will recommend personalized vision corrections, eye treatments, and any necessary follow-up.

Reliable Online Eye Exams

With Locerne Optical, you can schedule an appointment with an optometrist at your convenience. Be assured that your online eye exam will be conducted by a qualified optometrist, meeting all necessary standards. We have a patient-centered approach where your eye care needs become our priority. Our eye doctors will make all the difference for your eye care services. We ensure you have an empowering encounter with us.

Schedule Your Online Eye Exam at Locerne Optical

Do you want more information about online eye exams? Call Locerne Optical in Wixom at (248) 773-7330 to book an appointment or speak to an eye doctor. You can also visit the Locerne Optical website and inquire. Rest assured, with Locerne Optical, you will always have a rich experience with our online eye exams. At Locerne Optical, we are revolutionizing eye care, providing improved vision care for more convenience. Take full control of your eye health today at Locerne Optical.

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